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Five Ways Your Friend-in-Law can help you at Christmas


Christmas can be an extremely busy time, so making time to visit a Solicitor may not be high on your agenda. However, there are a few reasons why it may be beneficial to seek advice from your Friend-in-Law over the festive period.

1. Family & Relationships

Festive celebrations have long been associated with many relationship breakdowns, unfortunately resulting in a rise in divorce enquiries in the New Year. There are many reasons for this, sometimes arguments can be triggered by the combination of couples spending a greater amount of time together and on some occasions the additional pressure of debt being run up during the festive period. But couples can at least be reassured that the high quality Family Law team are close to hand.

The divorce process itself is relatively straightforward, but whatever time of year it happens, your Friend-in-Law can provide the right advice and support to help you through any difficulties you face.

2. Christmas Conveyancing

With the New Year rapidly looming, you might be looking to start a whole new life, and that may mean moving house- perhaps for a new job. Whatever your individual circumstances in needing to sell your home and buy a new property, our specialist Conveyancing team can help you. We can undertake all the necessary duties in a conveyancing transaction so you can relax and enjoy the festivities.

3. Christmas Employment Issues

During the Christmas period, employers face a minefield of HR challenges. Workplace Christmas parties, in particular, bring up issues of conduct and discrimination. For example, employees may misbehave, or fail to turn up the next day. Whatever your individual circumstances the experienced Employment Solicitors can advise you of your rights as an employer or provide representation for employees.

4. Gaining Access to the Children

Christmas can be an extremely lonely and emotionally difficult time for separated parents. Especially when they are not able to spend time with their children over the festive period. It’s therefore not surprising that the Family team are inundated at this time of year with parents wishing to take the legal route to secure contact with their children.

This team of experienced Family Lawyers and Mediators are available to offer impartial advice and support to help parents compromise and come to their own arrangements on contact with the children.

5. Writing a Will

There’s no time quite like Christmas, with all of your loved ones opening their presents and enjoying the turkey, for realising that there’s nothing quite as important in your life as your family. You’ll want to ensure that they are well-catered for long after you are gone. So, what better time could there be to write a Will for the first time or update an existing one?

In the absence of a Will, your assets may not automatically pass onto your loved ones as you might have presumed. There are all manner of potentially complicating factors, such as the possibility of you and your partner dying at the same time, or if you have children from a previous relationship.

The Award Winning Wills and Probate team can help ensure you get the right life plan in place, to suit you with your assets being distributed as you wish.

For further advice and support or for additional information please contact a member of the team.