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Making a Will with Harold G Walker Solicitors

It’s important that everyone makes a Will. By making a Will, it gives you an opportunity to decide what will happen to your money, property and assets to your future generations without disputes or misunderstandings. Without a Will, the state dictates how your estate will be distributed and this could result in unmarried partners, friends and charities not included as beneficiaries, which may not be in line with your wishes.

Harold G Walker Solicitors will guide you through the process of making a Will, ensuring you get the right life plan in place. This team of specialists has an aim to provide clients with complete peace of mind that their affairs are in order. By taking the time to understand your individual requirements, they will be able to advise you about the most appropriate Will specific to your needs.

The Wills & Probate team have helped thousands of clients across Bournemouth, Poole and surrounding areas to get the right life plan in place for them.

For further information please contact a member of the Wills & Probate team.

Free Home Visits

Harold G Walker Solicitors offer FREE home visits to local clients wishing to make a Will. If you have a physical incapacity or general frailty  you can make the important decisions about your life plan in the comfort of your own home. Please contact us or the Wills & Probate team to arrange an appointment.

10 reasons why you need a Will

  1. To appoint guardians for children under the age of 18
  2. To ensure that the people you want to benefit do so
  3. To save tax
  4. To make provisions for your business
  5. To protect assets against depletion by care home fees or spendthrift beneficiaries
  6. To choose who will sort out the paperwork and financial affairs
  7. To declare your funeral wishes
  8. To give gifts of money or items to friends, relatives or charities
  9. To use trusts to give flexibility over the distribution of assets
  10. To avoid claims against your estate

Everybody needs a Will or needs to review an existing one regularly. It is recommended a review is made every 3-5 years, or after a significant change in your circumstances.

The specialist Wills & Probate team can help you get the right lifetime plan in place.

The Will writing process

Step 1

You attend an interview with one of the specialist Will writing lawyers.

Step 2

Your draft Will is created to suit your personal requirements. This is usually within 10 working days of the interview. This will be sent to you for your consideration.

Step 3

You contact us by telephone or email to point out any changes or to confirm that you are satisfied with the document.

Step 4

A final version known as an engrossment is prepared for your signature. Preferably you will attend one of the offices to sign in the presence of two staff members. If this is difficult then the engrossment will be sent to you with instructions for signing.

Step 5

Harold G Walker Solicitors retain the original for you in the strongroom and provide you with a photocopy.

Frequently asked questions

Why do I need a Will?

To make sure that all your assets pass to the people you want to benefit.

What happens if I do not have a Will?

Many people believe that if they die without a Will their spouse or partner will inherit all their assets. This may not be the case. Rules known as the Intestacy Rules dictate who will benefit if you do not have a Will. It can take more time and it is likely to cost more to sort out an Estate where there is no Will.

What is a Will?

A Will is a document recording your wishes which comes into effect upon death. It must be signed and witnessed properly to be valid. A Will is the only legally binding document for making your wishes known when you die.

Can I make a homemade Will?

Homemade Wills are not recommended. The law around the language used in Wills has developed over hundreds of years. Courts have decided how certain words should be interpreted. The language used in homemade Wills may be difficult to interpret e.g. does “I leave all my money to my wife” include land and chattels? Often a homemade Will is not valid because of the uncertainty of the meaning or because the correct procedure for signing a Will has not been followed.

Can my spouse/partner and I make a joint Will?

No, you must each make separate Wills. However, the documents can mirror each other, i.e. the terms will be almost the same.

What happens to my Will on marriage?

Any existing Will is revoked and if you die before making a new Will the Intestacy Rules apply.

Can I make a Will in anticipation of my marriage?

Yes, special wording can be included if there is an intention to marry so that your Will is not revoked.

Will my Will be revoked on divorce?

No, but your ex-spouse will be treated as though they have died before you so they will not benefit. However, this does not happen until the decree absolute is granted so you should consider making a new Will on separation, especially f you do not wish your spouse to benefit either under your existing Will or under the rules of intestacy.

Will my Will cover property abroad?

Your UK Will may not cover land and buildings situated in other countries including Scotland and Ireland so you should take advice in the country where the property is situated.

Can I change my Will?

Yes, provided you still have the mental capacity to do so you can change your Will. This can be done by making a new Will or if the changes are minor by making a document known as a codicil. Do not record changes on the original Will document as these will not be valid.

How much does it cost to make a Will with Harold G Walker Solicitors?

Fees for Standard Basic Will start from £240 (plus £48 VAT) – a total of £288 or for Standard Mirrored Wills £360 (plus £72 VAT) – a total of £432.

Client Testimonials:

“The Coroner’s office recommended Harold G Walker as being a good firm and the team have been excellent throughout. Over and above the administration of the estate, providing assistance in many practical ways. The level of communication has been first class and work of the highest quality”

“Making new wills was long overdue and Nicola and the other staff members made it all very easy – and even enjoyable! Thank you”

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Gaynor Cooke

Chartered Legal Executive, Partner and Head of Wills & Probate

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Nicola Lowe

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