Debt Recovery

Debt Recovery

We know that it is a fact of life that not all customers and clients pay their bills. We also understand how much our business and commercial clients can benefit from early collection of money owed to them. Our debt recovery team has proven experience of recovering debts for our clients across all kinds of businesses. Our services include:

  • Tracing debtors
  • Chasing debts by letter or phone
  • Letters before action
  • Issuing and serving statutory demands
  • Issuing and serving court proceeding
  • Enforcement of judgements
  • Winding up actions against limited companies
  • Bankruptcy petitions against individuals

We will always use the most cost effective means of recovering a debt. If formal demands are required or if your debtor disputes the debt or refuses to pay, we can prepare a claim, go to court and obtain a judgement. Often service of a statutory demand produces the desired result.

We understand that putting pressure on a customer may be difficult or inappropriate for you to do yourself. We can defuse awkward situations and will preserve your relationships with good clients, while still ensuring the debt is pursued.

For further information please contact a member of the Litigation team.