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Happy Valentine’s Day; say it with a Prenup!

Statistics show that Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular days of the year for marriage proposals. However, for most newly engaged couples one of the least likely topics to discuss over Valentine’s Day candlelit dinner might be the prospect of entering into a prenuptial agreement.

Even considering such agreements can seem to many that ‘romance is dead’. However, for some people, prenuptial agreements can provide reassurance in knowing things can go wrong, and may even persuade them to commit to a relationship where there could otherwise be uncertainty.

Firstly, this is especially true for those who have previously suffered a relationship breakdown where a prenup can offer peace of mind. And secondly, a widowed person with children may be concerned about the risks involved by entering a second marriage. A prenup can offer reassurance that assets will remain available to provide for children and grandchildren in the future. It can, therefore, be helpful to think about a prenup as being like divorce insurance and one hopes, you should never have to use.

So, why wait for Valentine’s Day to draw up a  prenuptial agreement? Harold G Walker Solicitors have a specialist Family Law team with the expertise to be able to help you create a prenup that suits your individual needs. Speak to one of the experts today.

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