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Probate & Administration of Estate

Whether you are an Executor or the next of kin, our Probate Lawyers can provide all the practical advice and guidance you need to help you deal with the probate and administration of an estate.

If there is a Will, the estate must pass to the people named in the Will. If there is no Will, certain rules known as the Rules of Intestacy will apply.

Our probate team can help you determine the size of an estate for probate and Inheritance Tax purposes, prepare an application for the Grant of Representation on your behalf, and help you lodge the required forms with the relevant organisations to collect monies due to the estate and settle any outstanding debts.

Our probate team are happy to provide a full range of services, from dealing with the complete administration of an estate to simply advising on or assisting with one or two specific aspects, which may be causing difficulties. In addition, they can just apply for and obtain the Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration for a fixed fee.

Our Probate team can help with:

  • Grant of Probate or Grant of Letters of Administration
  • Liability for loss
  • Valuation of assets and liabilities
  • Insurance and house clearance
  • Preparation of Inland Revenue accounts
  • Collection of assets
  • Sale of property or land
  • Transfer or sale of shares
  • Payment of Debts
  • Revenue clearance
  • Distribution of the estate
  • Partial insolvency within an estate
  • Insolvency within an estate

For further information please contact a member of the Wills and Probate team.

24 Hour Free Helpline

We understand it can be a difficult and stressful time when someone dies. That’s why we offer a 24 hour helpline for all those who have been recently bereaved and require advice or guidance. Our team of professionals are on hand to support you and answer any questions regarding Wills and Probate. Call free on:


0330 332 8233

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Gaynor Cooke

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Nicola Lowe

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