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family legal matters, Rob Price, Family Law solicitors, Divorce Solicitors in Dorset, Solicitors in Windborne, Solicitors in Broadstone, Solicitors in Verwood, Solicitors in Christchurch,We all know that this past holiday was one of intended reflection and rest. Of affirming family bonds. That’s the ideal, but sadly it can also be the stereotype. Often, the reality of this theory is far removed from our own individual circumstances.


You may find yourselves at a crossroads at the pivotal time of a fresh new year. If you do, you must think very carefully of the potential consequences before taking action.


That’s why we here at HGW offer you the opportunity to talk to grounded, skilled family law professionals who deal with family separation all of the year, not just in the new year.


You can see us, confidentially, for a free no obligation half-hour appointment, if only to explore your options of directions of travel. After that, we can discuss further funding options concerning the following.



Whether you’re married or cohabiting, separating is a huge decision.


It may be that staying together is the right outcome. Or you may need a conciliatory guide to your family separation. Alternatively, you may need a more robust approach to help you navigate difficult existing family circumstances to a manageable long-term solution.


Whatever those circumstances are, we’ll have your back as we head into the unknown of 2024. All year.


For expert guidance on family legal matters, HGW Solicitors is here for you. Contact us at 01202 881454 or via email at enquiries@hgwalker.co.uk for a complimentary, confidential half-hour consultation to discuss your options.