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Rob Price Family Law Solicitor in Christchurch. Best solicitors in Dorset. Abuse allegations in applications for child contact. Pre-nuptial Agreements and Marriages Later in LifeWe will all have been exposed to some of the most horrific events reported in the press concerning abuse to men at the hands of women. One recent example is the case of Eleanor Williams, who was sentenced to eight and a half years concerning rape and trafficking allegations (source: The Guardian). But what if this level of abuse extends to men at home, perpetrated by their female partners?


There are legal remedies available to both men and women who experience physical and/or psychological abuse from their partners. These remedies are provided in existing law, which addresses all forms of harm. The Domestic Abuse Act 2021 (source: legislation.gov.uk).

Serious Crime Act 2015

Section 76 of the Serious Crime Act 2015 introduced a new criminal offence of controlling or coercive behaviour in intimate or family relationships. This offence helps avoid the arduous task of proving a pattern of behaviour amounting to harassment (source: legislation.gov.uk).


While cases of actual murder gain significant attention, there are more common but often unseen instances of systematic abuse against men. For example, a woman was recently jailed for life for murdering her husband due to systematic abuse, and another case involved a prison reform boss who subjected her husband to 15 years of abuse and received a four-year jail sentence (source: The Guardian, Daily Mail Online). These cases raise the question of why such abuse often goes unnoticed.


Society tends to unfairly pre-judge men as the main providers and protectors, making it difficult for them to fight back. They are expected to conform to traditional roles and face potential repercussions if they challenge societal norms. This societal dynamic can deter men from seeking help or taking action.


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Don’t ever suffer in silence because that’s what ‘men’ do.


By Rob Price, Associate, Family Law Solicitor


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