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How The Family Law Considers Remedies



Standard of Living

Standard of living enjoyed during your time together as a married couple is another factor which may influence decision when determining financial orders to be made between you.

However, consideration might need to be given to any disproportionately expensive effect of living alone, so any reduction of living standards should, where possible, be apportioned equally.

Let’s say your marriage was spent carefully planning your respective retirement funds. On divorce, there is the need to look at the wider picture. There might be the need to reward prudence, considering once again respective ongoing income, capital and pension needs.

The years left of earning capacity cannot be ignored. Either a lot of it which shows you can grow into your career and/or retrain, or very little left which inevitably will leave limited growth.



The family law can take into account contributions to the marriage in different ways, such as assets accumulated or lost prospects, perhaps as a result of giving up work to ensure support to the spouse or children, thereby demonstrating contribution in a way different and equal to hard cash.

Exceptional individual contributions are rarely considered. It has to be truly exceptional and unique; for example  an extremely successful and unique invention, that generates vast wealth.



Bear in mind the importance attached to a period of cohabitation prior to marriage and the assets accrued in this way. It is usually unfair to disregard pre-marital cohabitation that without good reason.



Disability is an important factor and is bound to be considered, to gauge potential limits on future earning capacity, and the need for treatment or on-going care.

A personal injury damages award held by one spouse may be relevant, as that could add to the availability of capital resources whilst bearing in mind to what extent is that capital is earmarked for ongoing care?



An assessment of spousal conduct in a marriage when determining financial settlement, is rarely considered regardless of any ‘moral code’.

Examples set a high bar, with attempted murder, conspiracy to murder and sexual abuse among them.

Recklessly frittering money away, or addictions adversely affecting asset values, might be financially measurable.

You and your spouse are each required to fully and frankly disclose your financial circumstances to the other. If your spouse decides to ignore this legal requirement or fabricates the true value of assets, that could be considered as ‘litigation conduct’, possibly resulting in an adverse costs order or an adverse inference in court.


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