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It is often said that this time of year is the busiest time for divorce lawyers. However, this really is not the case. Before people move on from each other, there are so many factors to consider, whether emotionally, financially, or both.

A few arguments over Christmas in themselves do not tend to lead you to a divorce lawyer. This makes for an unhelpful social myth that makes a mockery of a serious long-term commitment. It’s about people’s LIVES. Children’s welfare. Need. Housing. Income. Pensions. Investments. Work. Debt. Emotional and financial consequences. It happens all year, every day, and to any of us.

The accepted purpose of marriage is that it is a lifetime commitment between a couple. When it goes wrong, the potential consequences between you can be very difficult to process. That is why it takes considerable time and effort for you both to plan before you move on.

Divorce it can be the beginning, not the end for both of you.

It also requires considerable professional legal expertise on your side to secure your future as seamlessly as possible. We know. We live it with you. So, visit your Friend-In-Law. You have options that may surprise you. And you can live. Well. Again.

You’re a divorce lawyer away from a fresh new start.

Rob Price – Family Law Solicitor