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For anyone seeking a divorce, HGW Solicitors offer clients a fixed fee divorce package.  As a fully regulated and insured legal services provider, we pride ourselves on our very high professional services.

In September 2021, a senior family court judge in the High Court was alarmed to find 28 separate divorce applications. All had been submitted with the reason for divorce listed as ‘behaviour’. Each application had exactly the same reasons why their spouses had behaved badly. These divorce applications had all been prepared and sent to the family court by the same cut-price online divorce service.

The legal services provider had cut corners by using standard templates and failed to make sure that these important legal documents were prepared properly to meet the needs of each individual client.  As a result, all 28 divorce applications had to start again from the beginning, causing delays and unnecessary stress to those people trying to get divorced.

HGW Solicitors will never cut corners nor use a ‘cut and paste’ approach when preparing documents. The HGW Family team offer a fixed fee divorce package to help keep the costs of divorce to an affordable amount. Our clients will always have the best assistance from our specialist team.

Please talk to us for a 30-minute free no-obligation initial consultation if you are thinking about getting divorced.  We will explain the entire divorce process to you, which includes related topics, such as financial issues and child arrangements.

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