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The domestic abuse bill 2021

We’ll all have seen and read the news. IT’S NOT OKAY. Domestic Abuse. The pandemic has made it even worse. We call it the ‘hidden killer’ because domestic abuse tends to creep up, without us seeing it and very often includes non-physical (but just as harmful) abuse....

Always Contact a Probate Expert

It is always so harrowing when we lose a loved one but it is seems even worse in these difficult times.  Dealing with the emotional roller-coaster of bereavement is hard enough without having to grapple with the practical problems such as paying Inheritance Tax.  For...
What is a Deputyship Order?

What is a Deputyship Order?

LawSpot What is a Deputyship Order? When somebody loses the capacity to make their own decisions and doesn’t have a Power of Attorney, the Court of Protection can appoint a Deputy to make these decisions on their behalf. This is done by way of a Deputyship Order....