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Bogdan Lazar

Residential Conveyancing Solicitor

Wimborne Minster

Qualified in 2021

Supervised by Laura Molloy


Bogdan joined HGW Solicitors in 2023, combining his international legal background with a deep understanding of the UK property landscape.

His passion for law led him to the UK, where he successfully cross-qualified as a Solicitor in England and Wales in March 2021.

With over 6 years of experience in the UK, Bogdan specializes in handling residential property transactions. His expertise varies from investigating titles and drafting contracts to managing all aspects of freehold and leasehold sales and purchases.

Bogdan provides guidance and support across a range of services, including Shared Ownership, Transfers of Equity, Lease Extensions and New Builds.

In his free time, Bogdan loves to travel around the world, understanding diverse cultures across different countries. Bogdan also enjoys cooking and trying new foods, swimming, watching sports like golf and rugby, listening to classical music and has a strong passion for math.


Whilst Bogdan is based at our Wimborne Office, he will also travel to one of our branch offices to see clients. If you wish to arrange an appointment, please telephone 01202 881454 or email Wimbornereception@hgwalker.co.uk