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Mirela Constantin, our Marketing Coordinator, joined HGW Solicitors in 2020. She graduated from Bournemouth University with a degree in Business and Management, where she discovered her passion for Marketing. For Mirela, the field of Marketing allows her to turn her imagination and creativity into reality because Marketing is a visionary field where imagination comes to life. From understanding the audience to designing the form and content of messages addressed to them, Mirela enjoys being creative at every step and constantly evolving in line with life and technology.

‘I absolutely love working here at HGW Solicitors. It’s not just about the work… It’s about the amazing people I get to work with every single day. My colleagues are not only super friendly but they are also incredibly helpful. They create this awesome vibe in the office that just makes me feel so supported and happy. That’s why I have a smile on my face every day…It makes my job even more enjoyable. Moreover, being able to contribute to our marketing efforts and seeing the impact it has on our clients and the growth of the firm fuels my passion for marketing, making each day even more fulfilling.’ Mirela Constantin, Marketing Coordinator.

Outside of work, Mirela enjoys walking when the weather is nice and warm and watching fascinating TV documentaries when it rains. She also delights in visiting new and exciting places with her husband and two daughters and learning about various world cultures and civilisations. She also would like to have a magic wand so she could teleport herself every morning to her sister-in-law’s huge garden, filled with colourful flowers and fruit trees.


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