If your family’s circumstances change or you want to safeguard any inheritance you might consider having your Will redrafted to include a Trust. A Trust is a legal arrangement that allows assets such as property to be looked after for the beneficiaries in your Will. Assets are looked after by a third party, known as the ‘Trustee’. You might consider setting up a Trust if for example you want to protect assets for those who are too young to handle their affairs or are vulnerable in anyway.

Trust funds are a great way to help protect your loved ones, ensuring they can be provided for in the future and protect your assets – so they cannot be used to pay for care home fees. Another benefit of creating a Trust is that it can also help to minimise the amount of inheritance tax payable on your estate.

Setting up trusts can be a complicated process, but at Harold G Walker our experienced Solicitors will guide you through the process and explain your options clearly. We’ll take the time to understand your individual requirements and advise you on the right type of Trusts suitable for you.

For further information please contact a member of our Wills & Probate team.

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Our Solicitors offer free home visits to local clients wishing to make a Will, so you can make the important decisions about your lifetime plan in the comfort of your own home. Contact our Wills & Probate team to arrange an appointment.
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