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Landlord & Tenant Disputes


Landlord & Tenant Disputes

A dispute between a Landlord and Tenant can be deeply upsetting for both parties, whether you are a Landlord who needs to recover rent arrears or a tenant who is disputing the maintenance agreement of a property. Whatever your dispute it is important to resolve the situation swiftly and efficiently. Seeking legal advice can help you do this. Harold G Walker Solicitors has an experienced Litigation team which can act for both parties, which gives them a unique perspective that can be used to your advantage. Whether you are the landlord or the tenant.

The highly specialist Litigation team have many years’ experience of advising clients on landlord and tenant disputes. This team of property dispute lawyers and solicitors will always look to resolve matters through negotiation, mediation or arbitration. By taking the time to listen to you and explain your options clearly, they will be able to provide intelligent and pragmatic advice. Providing you with enough information to enable you to make a fully informed decision with the necessary steps to take. Whichever option you decide the Litigation team will be able to advise and support you through the whole process to bring the dispute to a satisfactory end.

Harold G Walker Solicitors are able to advise on a variety of Landlord and Tenant disputes, including:

  • Disputes over deposits
  • Anti-social behaviour and noise issues
  • Rent costs
  • Tenancy Agreements
  • Tenant Fees Act 2019
  • Rent arrears
  • Dilapidation or damage to the property
  • Eviction

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