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Employment Tribunal

Employment Tribunals can be extremely time-consuming and complex procedures, so it is important to explore every option to resolve the matter before getting to this stage. Harold G Walker Solicitors are committed to resolving disputes through mediation, negotiation, or settlement agreements rather than litigation. However, sometimes the relationship between the employee and employer is so fraught, that only litigation will resolve the matter.

If your business is facing litigation and you need representation in defending a claim at a Tribunal, the Employment Law specialists at Harold G Walker are here to help. Having extensive experience with handling Employment Tribunals, they can guide you through the process, to advise and support you at every stage. These specialists will review your case and explain your legal position clearly, as well as your chances of success. Providing you with a clear direction with the most cost-effective solution to resolve the matter.


For further information please contact a member of the Employment team.