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Employment Contracts & Agreements

There are some very important skills required to be able to draft legal documents clearly and correctly. The specialist team of Employment Solicitors at Harold G Walker Solicitors have the expertise to create a variety of legally binding employment documents, including;

Director Service Agreements
These are a form of employment contract tailored specifically to the role of a director. They cover the manner in which the director will serve the company as well as the length of the notice period, garden leave clauses, restrictive covenants, compensation on termination, and their remuneration package.

Contracts of Employment
These are agreements made between an employer and the employee which set out the terms of the working relationship. The contract includes details of job description, salary, hours of work, workplace location, holiday entitlement, length of notice period, as well as other code of conduct terms, including; company pension, disciplinary and grievance rules, sick pay entitlement, etc.

Staff Handbook
This is a written document that details working practices, expectations, and procedures that an employer may expect an employee to comply with. This is in addition to their contract of employment which sets out clear policies that all employees must comply with including; equal opportunities, dress codes, family-friendly rights and guidelines for the use of company cars.

Settlement Agreements
Otherwise known as a Compromise Agreement, this is a contract between an employer and employee to terminate the employment in return for an agreed severance package. As well as drafting this type of document the Employment team is also able to negotiate the terms of the contract on your behalf.

For further information on employment contracts & agreements please contact a member of the Employment team.