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Commercial Landlords & Tenants

Harold G Walker Solicitors understand that having the right premises, or the right tenant in your premises is important to any business, but sometimes the commercial landlords and tenants relationship breaks down. In these cases the specialist Commercial team will deal with the matter either through litigation or a dispute resolution process. The commercial and litigation teams work together to ensure you benefit from the appropriate level of knowledge and experience at the right cost. Aiming to identify problems that may arise during transactions but, more importantly, also provide the solutions.

For commercial tenants, these solicitors will deal with rent reviews, lease renewals or terminations and advise on liability at the end of the term. They also regularly act for tenants extending their leases or querying excessive service charges by freeholders.

For landlords, they will deal with enforcements of lease covenants including recovery of rent arrears, possession, and damages for disrepair.

Harold G Walker can also assist Managing Agents in connection with the recovery of service charge arrears, including the use of Section 146 Notices, applications to the Court for Section 81 determinations and Forfeiture Proceedings.

The specialist Commercial team will have experience in relation to other claims for breach of covenant and difficulties regarding communal parts, potential licences, adverse possession and other types of property litigation that Managing Agents encounter from time to time.

The team can provide you with advice and practical solutions on such matters as:

  • Preparing tenancy agreements/leases
  • Rent reviews/rent arrears
  • Dealing with the termination and renewal of a business lease
  • Preparing notices of repair and dilapidation
  • Acting for flat management companies
  • Assured Short holds and Tenancies
  • Preparing and serving Notices to Quit
  • Preparing appropriate notices if a Tenant is in breach of tenancy agreement/lease
  • Enforcement of covenants
  • Issuing proceedings for the possession of premises
  • Leasehold enfranchisements
  • Recovery of service charges
  • Removal of unauthorised occupants
  • Schedules of dilapidations

For further information please contact a member of the Commercial team.

Simon Nethercott

Simon Nethercott

Solicitor, Senior Partner and Head of Business & Commercial