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HMRC have just announced that they have received a record 6.4 billion pounds which is the revenue collected from Inheritance Tax.

If you do not want your hard earned savings and wealth to swell HMRC’s coffers in the future there are some simple steps you can take to mitigate the tax due. At HGW Solicitors we can advise you of the options that you have to ensure that those you want to benefit do just that. Don’t let your money or assets be included in the HMRC figures published at the end of each financial year.

Speak with one of our specialists who can help you take those simple steps that can make a big difference to how your estate is distributed and ensures that the right people benefit.

If you’re worried about inheritance tax and want to make sure that your assets are distributed according to your wishes, HGW Solicitors can help. Our experienced specialists can provide guidance and advice on the options available to you to reduce the tax due and ensure that your loved ones receive the inheritance you intended. Don’t let your hard-earned savings contribute to HMRC’s record-breaking revenue collection – contact us today to discuss your estate planning needs.

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