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Harold G Walker Solicitors Committed to Cyber Security

Due to recent high profile hacking scandals local law firm, Harold G Walker Solicitors have taken extraordinary steps to significantly strengthen its cyber security in order to safeguard the personal and financial information of its clients.

The law firm who previously received the Government’s cyber security accreditation, are committed to the protection of client data which has formed a crucial part of their business strategy. Significant investment in the firms IT networks, processes and staff training has improved the firm’s robust cyber defence system, ensuring client confidence in their ability to protect sensitive information.

“We live in an increasingly networked world, from personal banking and social media to entire company infrastructures – protecting those networks is no longer optional,” says Nicola Lowe, Managing Partner of Harold G Walker Solicitors. “As the risk of cyber-attacks becomes greater it’s not surprising that businesses like ours are investing in better cyber defences.”

Nicola Lowe continues, “As lawyers we are entrusted with highly sensitive information about our clients, the need for effective data security is even more critical. At Harold G Walker cyber security is not regarded as a ‘board-level’ responsibility. All staff have an ethical duty to be aware of cybercrime and work together to protect this information. We constantly encourage our teams to question what risks are involved and communicate any concerns with their line-managers.”

For further information about how Harold G Walker deals with cyber security please contact us on 01202 881454 or email enquiries@hgwalker.co.uk.