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Neighbour & Boundary Disputes

Neighbour & Boundary Disputes

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for neighbours to have disagreements and when you are involved in a dispute with your neighbour it can seriously affect your life. Due to the way neighbour disputes can escalate it is important that you try to resolve your dispute as swiftly as possible and seeking legal advice can help you do this.

Harold G Walker Solicitors has a team of Litigators with a wealth of experience helping clients resolve disputes between their neighbours quickly and amicably. These specialists have the expertise to advise on:

  • Boundary Disputes
  • Rights of Way
  • Access to neighbouring land
  • Party wall issues
  • General noise or anti-social behaviour issues
  • Neighbouring trees or hedge disputes
  • Right to light or loss of light
  • Parking disputes and blocked access disputes

If you are in disagreement with your neighbour and cannot find a compromise yourselves, the litigation team can help resolve your dispute in a number of ways. One option would be to consider mediation, whereby a trained mediator will listen to you and your neighbour and help you to reach a compromise based on the information you both provide.

However, if the dispute has escalated to a point that mediation is not an option then the formal route of Litigation will be your only viable choice. The Litigation team can support you through the process and explain your options clearly so you can make an informed decision, bringing your case to a conclusion with the best possible outcome for you.

For further information please contact the Litigation team.