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Why is it important for someone to make a Will?

It’s incredibly important for everyone to make a Will. If you die without one then you risk the chance of your estate and assets not being passed on to your loved ones or the people you wish to benefit. It is also a stressful time when you have recently been bereaved and making a Will can take some of that stress away for the people you leave behind and avoid any complicated legal battles or even family disputes.

What should people think about when making a Will?

There are various questions a solicitor will need to go through when making a Will which will address a number of things. However, it can be helpful, prior to a consultation to think about;

• Who you’ll choose as Executors of your Will – these people will be responsible for carrying out the wishes you make in your Will
• If you have children under 18, who will look after them when you die?
• Whether you wish to leave a cash or specific legacy (which is a specific amount of money or item) to a particular person or charity
• How you would like to divide your estate between your beneficiaries e.g. whether they are children and/or grandchildren and if in percentages or equally
• Who you would like to benefit if something happened to all of your immediate family being your spouse, children and yourself, say in a common accident
• Your funeral arrangements

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Gaynor Cooke

Gaynor Cooke

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