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Rebecca Willmott

Rebecca Willmott

Wills & Probate Legal Executive

The Process of Making a Will

We spend our lives working to provide for ourselves and the people we love. To ensure that the assets that you have worked so hard for, pass to the people that you love, it is important to make a Will so that your wishes are carried out.

At Harold G Walker Solicitors, the friendly staff like to make the process as straightforward as possible for you. Beginning with an interview, in the office or if preferred in the comfort of your own home. At this initial meeting, you will be made aware of the different options available to you and what can be included in your Will, such as guardians for your children, specific gifts and funeral wishes. Advice can also be provided on Inheritance Tax if necessary. Your instructions are then taken and if you are happy to proceed, answer any further questions that you may have.

Next, a draft Will is prepared for you which is sent to you to make sure you are happy with the content. This gives you the opportunity to add any additional beneficiaries whom you may not have considered before or to make any final amendments.

Once you are satisfied with the content of your Will, a meeting will be arranged with you again to sign the original document. Once signed, you can then choose whether you wish for your original Will to be stored within the strong room (free of charge) or alternatively if you wish, keep the original at home. The aim is to have your Will completed within two weeks of taking your instructions.

Specialist staff are available in each of the four offices who would be pleased to assist you with making a Will. Whether you would like to make an appointment or just like to have an initial chat over the telephone, please contact us and the team will be happy to assist you.

For further information please contact the Wills & Probate team.