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Personal Welfare LPA’s

Choosing who makes decisions about your personal welfare if you are no longer able to?

Whilst undoubtedly a sensitive subject, the need to have control over decisions made about your future health care, including end of life care and treatment is extremely important to many people. One way to plan for your future is to make a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) specifically for Personal Welfare. (This document is separate to an LPA for your financial affairs).

The LPA for Health and Welfare enables an individual to appoint a person (known as an attorney) to speak on their behalf if they no longer have mental capacity.  This can arise at any age, for a variety of reasons including a stroke, mental illness, brain injury and dementia. The attorney will then make decisions for the individual, regarding dental treatment, immunisation, diet and nutrition, day-to-day care, medication, surgery, treatment, choosing where they live and so on. The LPA for Health and Welfare also includes a specific section regarding life-sustaining treatment and whether or not the attorney is permitted to make such decisions.

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