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Hot Radio Interview with Managing Partner Nicola Lowe

Hot Radio DJ Geoff Carter speaks to Harold G Walker’s Managing Partner, Nicola Lowe.

Her extensive experience in Conveyancing and Wills & Probate allowed her to provide a unique and valuable perspective on the legal services offered by Harold G Walker Solicitors. Her expertise in these areas gave her a deep understanding of the complex legal issues that clients may face and allowed her to offer practical and effective solutions to these problems.

In the area of Conveyancing, Lowe’s experience allowed her to guide clients through the process of buying or selling property, ensuring that all legal requirements were met and that the transaction was completed smoothly and efficiently. Her knowledge of Wills & Probate, on the other hand, allowed her to assist clients in planning their estates and ensuring that their wishes were carried out after their passing.

She explains the importance of going above and beyond for her clients and how the firm plays a vital role within the community, ensuring professional legal services are available to all.