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Grant of Probate – Explained

My mother has died, she has a bungalow and some savings. I have been told that I need a Grant of Probate. Please, can you explain what this involves and if this is correct?

When someone leaves assets generally over £5,000 to £10,000 in value, as your Mother has, then it is necessary to obtain a document known as a Grant of Probate from the Probate Registry to enable the estate to be collected in and dealt with.

Once the Grant has been issued by the Probate Registry then your Mother’s estate can be dealt with in accordance with the Will if there is one or in accordance with the statutory order of distribution if there is not a Will. The persons appointed under the Grant being the Executors or Administrators have the authority to collect in the assets, sell or transfer the property and deal with all aspects of the administration of an estate.


Briefly, it involves establishing the value of all your Mother’s financial assets and liabilities, completing probate documentation and HM Revenue Inheritance Tax (IHT) forms to establish if the estate is subject to IHT; settlement of IHT if required; submission of documentation to the Probate Registry to apply for a Grant; ensuring the accuracy of all the documentation; finalising income tax and IHT matters; collecting in the assets from the financial institutions, selling or transferring your Mother’s bungalow; and distributing the estate in accordance with the Will.

As the above process shows, dealing with an estate can be more complex than you may first imagine. We can guide and assist you in dealing with obtaining the Grant and the administration of your Mother’s estate with a professional approach with experienced probate solicitors who can offer you peace of mind and a friendly and efficient service.

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Gaynor Cooke

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