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Gaynor Cooke

Gaynor Cooke

Head of Wills & Probate


My current Solicitor’s office has relocated out of town and I would prefer to have a local Solicitor holding my Will. Is it possible to change to a different Solicitor?

Yes of course, anybody can change their Solicitor at any time and the process is less complicated than you may think. Everybody has the legal right to choose their own Solicitor and that extends to choosing a new Solicitor if you are unhappy with your current one.

So what is the process? Well, your new Solicitor will usually ask you to sign a form to say that you now wish to instruct them in place of your current Solicitor and requesting that your papers be sent to your new Solicitor. Your new solicitor will then send the form to your current Solicitor, advising them that they have now been instructed and requesting the papers. There is usually no need for you to contact your current Solicitors direct.

The only complication would be is you have any outstanding costs with your current Solicitors, in which case they have the right to retain your papers until their costs are paid.

At Harold G Walker Solicitors we offer free home visits for all our Wills, Probate and LPA clients, so you can make the important decisions about your lifetime plan in the comfort of your own home.

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