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Contact a Probate Expert. Nicola Lowe Managing Partner, Solicitor in Wimborne, Free Legal Advice in Wimborne Wills, Probate, Conveyancing, Solicitors in Dorset, Wimborne Free Legal Advice ClinicOur Managing Partner, Nicola Lowe explains one of the reasons that you should contact an expert when dealing with probate matters. It is always so harrowing when we lose a loved one but it seems even worse in these difficult times. Dealing with the emotional roller-coaster of bereavement is hard enough without having to grapple with the practical problems such as paying Inheritance Tax.  For instance, we regularly speak with clients who believe they need to pay hundreds of thousands of pounds in inheritance tax.  Had they not spoken with Nicola first, it is almost certain that they would have paid it, and would never recover it from HMRC.  Executors would also be in breach of their duties, and the beneficiaries could make a claim against them for the financial losses they suffered.

This is why, when just getting through each day can be a challenge, it is even more important to take expert legal advice.  It is very difficult to deal with all the practicalities, particularly as our ability to travel is so limited.  Some people do not have the technology to access the various organisations from home either.


Always Contact a Probate Expert

HGW have the systems to do all of this for you remotely so that you do not have to leave your home and we can give you peace of mind during these challenging times.  We have a free 24 Hour Bereavement Helpline which you can use to speak with one of our experts who can offer not only legal advice but sound practical advice at a time when you need it most.