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As a business with client care and staff welfare at the heart of everything we do, HGW actively monitor the developments in relation to Coronavirus / COVID-19. The UK Government’s response is that population distancing is one of the tactics to be implemented to control the spread of the virus. We have been preparing for changes to Government recommendations by adding to our already flexible remote working procedures. We are subsequently able to ensure disruption-free, business continuity for all of our clients, regardless of whether we have to close our offices.

You can have peace of mind that our business continuity plan means our teams can continue to assist you with all areas of law, whilst still complying with regulation such as your confidentiality, cyber security and data protection. HGW’s robust systems and training cover all business critical functions, and we are pleased to be leading the way at the forefront with our advanced technology infrastructure.


Email Communication

Please communicate with us wherever possible by email. We will be able to securely access email remotely whether or not our offices are partially or fully closed. Normal levels of service will not be affected.

Telephone Communication

In the event that our offices are forced to close, please continue to contact our branches on their usual numbers during office hours. These calls will still be answered and normal levels of service will not be affected. If you need to speak to us outside of our normal working hours (09:00 to 17:00, Monday to Friday), please call our 24-hour helpline on 0330 332 8233.

Postal Communication

Please continue to use the postal system, as even if our offices are forced to close, letters will still be received and processed appropriately, albeit with a slight delay. If you wish to hand-deliver correspondence, please continue to do so. We will continue to send out post where necessary, but it will be our preference to contact you via email if possible.

Attending our Offices

Please telephone the branch before visiting to ensure that the office is open. If it is agreed that you should attend the office, we will need to determine if you have travelled abroad in a high-risk area or may have come into contact with an individual  who has travelled in a high risk area. Furthermore we will ask if you have come into contact with an affected person within the last 14 days. If so, we may have to decide that a meeting should not go ahead and will make alternative arrangements. Should a “face to face” meeting be necessary, we have video-conferencing capabilities available. To access these facilities, you will need either a smartphone or a computer equipped with a webcam.

Your friend-in-law,