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The Right to Roam.

What does this actually mean and what type of land/property is affected?

The Countryside & Rights of Way Act 2000 (CROW) was enacted so that the members of the general public have the Right to Roam. Providing the public act responsibly on foot over the open wild uncultivated mountain, moor, heath, and down of England and Wales and subject to certain restrictions.

The Countryside Agency and Ordnance Survey have produced maps showing land over which the right to roam applies. This includes public footpaths, bridleways, roads used as public paths, and byways. Certain types of land are classed as ‘excepted land’ and will not be subject to a right to roam i.e. land covered by buildings; land within 20 metres of any building; land used as a park or garden; mines and quarries; railways; golf courses; racecourses; aerodromes and land surrounding water, sewerage, electricity and communications works.

Landowners and their tenants are able to restrict the right to roam for up to 28 days in each and every year. They may also restrict dogs from lambing areas for up to six weeks a year and from grouse moors. English Nature and English Heritage may also restrict the right to roam for reasons of nature conservation and heritage site protection. In addition, The Ministry of Defence can also restrict access to land for reasons of defence and national security.

Harold G Walker can make the appropriate pre-contract searches and enquiries to ascertain if land or property is subject to such rights in order that you can make an informed decision as to whether to purchase subject to such rights or not.

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