Client Testimonials


What clients say:

Client testimonials and feedback is extremely important to Harold G Walker Solicitors. Great satisfaction is taken in knowing their work has been carried out to the highest levels. Serving their clients’ interests by sharing some of these comments below:

“Thank you enormously for an excellent session this morning. Both John and I thoroughly enjoyed it and found it hugely beneficial. You certainly managed to fill in the many gaps in our knowledge and understanding and really set our minds at rest about the future and about the right courses of action we now need to take.”

“Nicola, thank you for everything you did for my mum and me. Without you I would not have got through the last few months. Thank you so much”

“I should like to say that this is a good example of the services I have received from your good-self and HGW, not only willing to deal with things quickly and efficiently but for you personally, probably the fastest email responses I have seen for a very long time. It has been a pleasure to work with you.”

“It was a surprisingly pleasant experience for me. I was extremely happy with the advice, reassurance and explanation from you and your joyful staff”

“My friend has spoken very highly of you and your expertise and has expressed his confidence in your professionalism and abilities in the services you provide. I look forward to working with you!”

“Just a quick note to say thank you so very much for all your help with the sale. You have made it so easy for me and been really patient and understanding throughout the entire process”

“Many thanks to Simon and all staff involved in the house sale – it made my life very easy”

“The client care I received from start to finish was outstanding!”

“At this conclusion, I’d like to thank you for pursuing this matter in an efficient and transparent manner. We would not hesitate in recommending Harold G Walker.”

“Service was very good, cannot think of any improvements to be made”

“Very pleased with the service given by Natasha, will be using you when I buy next year”

“Your service, the help of all of your staff was outstanding, thank you so much”

“As a loyal customer for over 20-years, we appreciate the friendly, approachable team members, the knowledge & service consistently offered by HGW.”

“I received a very clear explanation of the process and guidance regarding the grievance process should I wish to go down that route. I was kept informed of progress and I was also massively impressed with the cost and efficiency when I approached HGW regarding an unrelated requirement to witness a different document”

“Service was very good, discussions and explanations were clear and concise”

“Thank you to Simon and staff for professional approach dealing with the sale of property. Highly recommended.”

“Excellent and patient service through 1 sale, 2 abortive purchases and 1 purchase. Jane and the team were excellent. Highly recommended!”

“Very very pleased with the service we received from Harold G Walker”

“Everything I needed for my property sale. Clear, friendly and rapid communication. No waiting around to be connected by phone. Quick e-mail responses. A knowledgeable deputy available if my usual contact was not available. Reasonable fees. An exceptional, refreshing experience of the legal profession.”

“At every stage, the staff at HG Walker have been professional. I have complete trust in their services & they have been friendly and helpful.”

“Usual Excellent Service!”