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Dee Woodcock

Dee Woodcock

Employment Solicitor

When does an Employer need an Employment Solicitor?

Dorset Employment Solicitor, Dee Woodcock explains how specialist legal advice can help save small businesses time and money.

Legal situations relating to your employees can occur without warning at any time, and even the most conscientious employer will need help for an Employment Solicitor. Having a specialist Solicitor on your side to assist with employment matters will help you deal with issues that arise quickly and efficiently, leaving you to concentrate on other business.

Employment law can be complex. If you are an owner of a small to medium sized business it is unlikely that you will have specialist expertise in-house to advise you of your basic legal obligations, which can leave you vulnerable and at risk of a claim. By seeking advice from an Employment Solicitor at the outset you will set yourself up to avoid most of the basic pitfalls.

Employment Solicitors can therefore assist with:

Employment Documentation
An experienced Employment Solicitor can provide tailored documentation, as well as a review of any existing contracts, policies and handbooks you may have in place to ensure this is compliant.

Employment Decisions
A Solicitor can assist with employment decisions you wish to take, such as how and whether to make redundancies, resolve grievances, take disciplinary action, consult employees over changes to their terms of employment, or a merger.

Tribunals and ACAS
If a current or former employee decides to take legal action against you, a Solicitor can assist in handling negotiations, prepare and represent the company at the hearing. Hearings can be complex and there are strict time limits for dealing with matters.

If you need expert advice fast, Harold G Walker Solicitors provide understanding, insight and practical legal advice to support and protect you whatever employment law situation you face.

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